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Koege (Koge), which is located about 39 km southwest of Denmark's capital Copenhagen, is one of the most important seaport cities of the country. Koege dates back to the 11th century and became a popular fishing town and trade center in the late 13th century. Today it is possible to see many Renaissance and Middle Ages buildings in the city.

As you walk through the streets of the Koege city center you will have the chance to see the history of the city as well as the modern architecture of the city. Koege is frequently mentioned in the field of culture and art and whenever you go it is highly likely you will coincide with an event or a festival. You can discover the entire city offering affordable alternatives for shopping, accommodation, eating and entertainment and if you plan a vacation for at least 3-4 days it will be enough.

Especially in December many foreign tourists visit Koege, just like other cities in Denmark a lot of fun Christmas events are organised. Cafes, restaurants, department stores, boutique hotels, historical squares, entertainment venues, marina with exquisite views and there are many more attractions such as the Church of Koge (St. Nicholas Church) and Vallo Stift (castle), which attracts the attention of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Located about 7 km south of Koeges city center, Vallo Stift castle is an architectural masterpiece that impresses people as soon as they see it. In fact Vallo Stift is a large manor house foundation. The Old House, the oldest half-timbered house in Denmark, is also definitely worth seeing.

Koege Town Hall was built in 1567, which takes on a completely different atmosphere in the evening time and Koege Marine and the Gammelkjogegaard park with ravines with rhododendrons flowers which looks like fairy tale scene should also be added to your list of places to visit in Koege. Culture and art-lovers can visit the Koege Museum, the Koege City History Archive, the KOS (art museum) and the Koege Gallery. You can explore a large part of Koege by bicycle on the Zealand Round on Bike tour. Located south of the city center you can enjoy the sea, sand, sun trio in South Beach. You can take a canoe tour with Canoeing on Koege Stream, relax with a sauna and steam bath at Kapellangaarden Spa and Wellness and you can watch a movie at Koege Cinema.

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