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Located on a mountainous region, Jiuzhaigou County is a city in the middle east of China. As a natural reserve area, the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has the status of a reserve area. The area also acts as a natural habitat for giant pandas and golden-haired apes.

The average temperature during summer months in Jiuzhaigou County is 28-29 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius from time to time and abundant rains are observable. During winters, on the other hand, the temperature falls below zero degrees Celsius. Humidity is high all year round.

Surrounded by mountains, lakes, waterfalls and forests Jiuzhaigou County is a city totally integrated with nature offering a visual feast and leaving the nature lovers in admiration all. Combining with other beauties, naturally formed travertines attract a large number of tourists to the city. There are a lot of lakes and ponds in the city such as Five Flowers Lake and Panda Lake, which leave the visitors in admiration thanks to the color and clarity of their waters. You can enjoy many activities in Jiuzhaigou County, where eco-tourism is developed, such as boating, hiking and horse riding.

Thanks to colorful displays held every day, Jiuzhaigou National Arts Center introduces the traditions, dances, music and history of local cultures. You can also enjoy wonderful musicals that can familiarize you and participate in different activities within the known theme park, Jiuzhai Songcheng Romans Park.

Shuzheng Stockaded Village is a good location for shopping. Various local products are reachable here, under the roof of a place constituting an example of the traditional architecture.

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