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Malta is a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful coastline and rich history. But if you want to get away from this highly popular and crowded place, your choice can be Gozo. Gozo has a much more different aura than Malta as a result of lower population density and slow urbanization processes. You can look at the history in order to understand why Gozo is different; Gozo is thought to be older than the island of Malta because of the temples called the oldest in the world. Gozo, which dates back to 5000 B.C. years, has become a mosaic of culturally different interactions over time, since it was occupied by the Romans, Phoenicians, Arabs, French, British and many others. The prehistoric Ggantija temples on the UNESCO World Heritage List are one of the main tourist attractions of the island. You can walk around along the cobblestone streets and squares along the centuries-old houses that is situated around Victoria (Rabat). You can have a good time while visiting impressive buildings and views such as St. George's Basilica and the Gozo Cathedral.

Victoria is considered both geographically and commercially as the central of Gozo. The city, which was known as Rabat formerly, was built under the direction of the Knights of St. John, but it still preserves much of its original architecture special to 16th century. After being lost in the beautiful streets, it is best to take a break in the restaurants and cafés. During every autumn, the Festival Mediterranea, a popular culture and art event, is held. If you come to the festival period; you can have a good time thanks to culture, art, history and local dishes. The Citadel or Citadella Castle, which protected Gozo against invaders and is also known as the ore of Gozo, is one of the most tourist attractions of the island. You can see the whole terrain after a walk through the bushes. You can spend a full day including museums, restaurants and local farmers' markets.

The Ggantija Temples are located in the small village of Xaghra that is about 3 kilometers northeast of Victoria. The temples are one of the most important archaeological sites in Malta and in the Mediterranean. The search for the people that built the Ggantija Temples, both of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, remains still a mystery for historians.

The Azure window, which is a 28-meter-high natural limestone arch located near the Dwejra Bay in Gozo, is one of the most beautiful geological formations of the coast of Malta. The lagoon formed by the arch has calm waters suitable for both swimming and scuba diving. You can also remember this arch from the Game of Thrones series; therefore, you should not forget to take lots of photos. The best beach of Gozo is the Rambla Bay is a place that you can have a nice time with its sandy beaches and clean sea that are loved by both tourists and local people especially in summer. You can spend time on the beach and also at nearby facilities, and you can explore the Calypso Cave to escape the sun.

If you want to take part in a private tour where you can watch the processes of the wine production and wine tasting, you can join the Tal-Massar winery tours. You can also take part in the dive tours to see the beautiful underwater life of Gozo. During these tours, you can consider diving opportunities especially for special caves such as the Shrimp Cave, the Billinghurst Cave or the Coral Cave.

You can find traditional dishes made of fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood in Gozo. You can choose affordable restaurants from street delicacies to award-winning restaurants. The best time to travel to Gozo is between spring and summer seasons. Since the sea water temperature is rising starting from May, you can swim comfortably.

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