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Gümüşlük is one of the quietest holiday resorts in the Bodrum district of Muğla and it is more convenient compared to Bodrum. The ancient ruins and the historical buildings from the Byzantine era and earlier times make Gümüşlük, a wonderful seaside town, a more authentic place. The Rabbit Island, whose fame is spread throughout Turkey, is also in Gümüşlük. The main attractions in Gümüşlük and its surroundings are the historical King Road, the road to the Rabbit Island, Bodrum Castle, Mindos Antique City, Peksimet Strait, Underwater Archeology Museum, Halicarnassus Mausoleum and the center of Bodrum with its whitewashed houses. If you are going to stay in Gümüşlük for a short period of time, you will find many boutique hotels or pensions. There are also campsites in the area. The most convenient feature of Gümüşlük, where the effects of both Mediterranean and Aegean climates are visible, is that it can be visited in all seasons.

The most famous festivals that take place in Gümüşlük, a popular holiday destination due to its proximity to Bodrum, are Bodrum Mandalina Festival (January), Gündoğan Sucuk Wine Festival (February), !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival (Gümüşlük - February), Slow Cheese International Cheese Festival (March), Filmmor Women’s Films Festival (March), Bodrum Global Run (April), Ortakent Yahşi Spring Festival (May), Bodrum International Dance Festival (May), Bodrum International Modern Dance Festival (June) and Gümüşlük International Classical Music Festival (July).

The shortest and most practical way to get to Gümüşlük, about 60 kilometers from Milas-Bodrum airport, is by air. You can also get to Gümüşlük, located 25 kilometers from Bodrum, by intercity buses.

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