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Gölbaşı is a district located in the south of Ankara, between Mogan Lake and Eymir Lake. Gölbaşı, which has many natural beauties, is a place that is constantly subject to new investments and developing each year. The district attracts many visitors from Ankara and surrounding cities. Gölbaşı is located approximately 20 km of Ankara city center and 45 km of Ankara Esenboğa Airport. In Gölbaşı, where the continental climate is dominant, the winters are cold while the summers are hot and dry. The area is known for its black frost especially observed in the morning hours.

It has been proved that Gölbaşı has been used as a settlement since the Bronze Age. There are many caves within the borders of the district. Stalactites and stalagmites dating back to many years ago form interesting views in the caves. Centaurea tchihatcheffii, which is known as “love flower” among people, is a plant species specific to the region and it flowers from May to June. Various picnic and walking areas such as Beynam Forests, Mogan Park and Atatürk Waterside Park are among the most beautiful places that attract visitors to the district. Gölbaşı is home to approximately 200 bird species. Therefore, it offers a great environment for those who are interested in bird watching. In addition, pottery and cutlery come to the forefront as the most important cultural handicraft heritage of Gölbaşı.

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