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Getting to the City Center from Corcoran Airport

Costa Brava Airport, which is among the airports having the highest capacity of passengers in Spain and ranked the second in Barcelona with its size and traffic, is only 12.5 kilometers away from Girona city center. You can cover that distance in 20 minutes with a normal driving. There are flights from Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, and Adana (by Turkish Airlines) to the airport. Once you get off the plane, you won't have any difficulty reaching Girona city center. Regular bus services, taxis, car rental and private transfer services are among the transportation alternatives you can prefer to reach the city center from the airport.


You can go to the city center from Costa Brava Airport by bus, one of the most affordable means of transportation. The public transport network in the city is organized by a company called Sagales and you can find the schedule of bus departures on the company's website (

The bus route 605 starts from Blanes, picks up passengers from  Lloret de Mar and then Costa Brava Airport, and ends in Girona. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the city center from the airport.

L-28 line is also one of the buses you can prefer for transfer between the airport and the city center. It departs from Lieida and goes through C25 Highway to reach Girona. The bus ride approximately takes 15 minutes.

Another bus alternative to get to the city center is the line 607 and it also stops by Riudellots. Let us remind you that the bus operates on weekdays between 5 am and 11 pm.

There are transfer services to reach the city center every 25 minutes and by the hour. You can take a bus in front of the airport terminal, which is in a 5-minute walking distance when you get off the plane. The last stop is the city center and you get off the bus at Girona Bus Station (Estació D'Autobusos De Girona). Every bus stop has a route schedule and you can plan your journey according to the departures.

Each single fare from Costa Brava Airport to Girona city center costs 2.75 Euros. No online sale of tickects is available, nor is there any possibility of buying one on the bus. You can buy bus tickets at the ticket sales office of the airport which opens at 8am (and operating until 2am on the next day) every day of the week.


Taxi, which is the fastest, busiest and most practical transfer option, runs on day-rate and night-tariff just like in Turkey. Taximeter is available in all taxis at the airport and the taxi ride takes about 20 minutes to get to the city center. The taxi fare for transfer to Girona city center costs about 25-30 Euros.

Taxi stops at the airport are in front of the gate of the incoming passenger terminal. These stops immediately catch your eyes with their blue and white taxi signs and yellow "taxi" writings on the road. If you cannot find a taxi at this area, you can dial the taxi numbers hung on the wall through the free-of-charge phone next to the information desk inside the terminal.

Rent a car

You will find the offices of the international car rental companies such as Hertz, Dollar, Firefly, and Thrifty on the ground floor of the airport. You can also enjoy pre-booking option making a reservation through the websites of these companies offering you rental car options with high standards. You can determine the route to the city center through navigation, or you can get help from the route signs on the road if you are not provided with such an option.

Once you leave the airport and take the AP7 highway, the road takes you to Girona city center.

You are charged 1 Euro for using the highway and render the payment in cash at the exit of the highway.

Private Transfer Services

If you would like to enjoy comfort, security and Wi-Fi in one transfer option, you can take advantage of the private local transfer companies providing this service with fully equipped vehicles with a private driver. You are charged according to the size, model and newness of the vehicle and you can render the payment online by your credit card.

Last Updated: 02 Aug 2018
Getting to Corcoran Airport from the City Center

Costa Brava Airport, which is the second most important airport of the Barcelona region in Spain, is also known as 'Girona Airport'. The distance between Girona city center and the airport is approximately 12.5 kilometers, and you can travel to the airport by bus, taxi, car rental and private shuttle.


The bus routes 604 and 605 are two of the lines connecting Girona city center to Costa Brava Airport. These buses depart with a schedule arranged according to Ryanair flights which is the most important company of the airport. You can get on the bus at the bus terminal in the city center. The bus terminal is located in the same building with the train station, it can be easily reached with the directions throughout the city center and get information from the city maps given by tourist offices. You can get off at the stop in front of the terminal after a travel of 20 minutes. The bus route L-28 is named as Lieida-Girona bus route, and it takes about 15 minutes to reach the airport.

If you are going to leave the city at the weekend, the bus route 607 is another public transportation alternative that operates between the city center and the airport. This route operates only at the weekends. These buses depart from the Riudellots stop and reach the airport in about 20 minutes.


If you have heavy luggage and do not want to lose time with the buses, you can take a taxi to travel to the airport at any time of the day. The travel between two points takes about 15 minutes and you pay an average of 25-30 Euros for this transportation. The fares vary for the day and night tariffs. Highway tolls are also included. In order to call a taxi to your location, you can make a reservation by visiting the website of one of the taxi companies, or you can call a taxi by contacting a reliable company such as Radio Taxi (+34 97 220 3377) or Gitaxi Taxi (+34 97 222 2323).

Private Transfer

If you are traveling as a crowded group and have much luggage, you can provide your transfer with a private vehicle for the most comfortable travel to the airport. You can search the companies offering this service in the region and learn the cost of using a private vehicle. You can also ask your hotel whether your hotel offers this service for its guests.

Car Rental

If you want to travel to the airport in a comfortable and fast way, you can rent a car by visiting one of the local car rental companies offering service in Girona city center. You can also make a reservation before your travel. There are also offices of Avis, Europcar, InterRent, Hertz, Dolar and Firefly car rental companies. It is possible to reach the airport via several alternative routes with navigation. When you go through the highway, you pay a certain amount. When you leave the highway, you can continue on the AP7 highway which goes in the direction of Girona. You should keep in mind that the highway speed limit in Spain is 120 kilometers, and there is a strict road control.

Airport Information

Located 92 kilometers north of Barcelona Airport, Girona - Costa Brava Airport is also an alternative to this large airport. The airport is also known as the second most important airport of Barcelona. Located in the northeast of Spain, next to a small village called Vilobi d'Onyar, the airport is 12.5 kilometers away from Girona city center. The airport establishes a connection between Southern France and the Pyrenees.

The airport welcomes approximately 2.7 million passengers every year with its increasing passenger traffic. On the ground floor of the two-storey passenger terminal, there are exchange offices, a few small restaurants and ATMs, and you can come across 33 check-in desks with 11 boarding gates. The airport, where you can find free Wi-Fi, vending machines, conference halls, bars and smoking areas, has been offering service in the region since 1965.

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You can use El Prat Airport as an alternative to Corcoran Airport.

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