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About Dikili

Dikili, which is one of the northern districts of İzmir, is a coastal town located in the Aegean Region. It is known that the history of Dikili dates back to 4000 BC. There are many ancient ruins in Dikili which was home to many different civilizations for many centuries.

Although tobacco, cotton and olive production as well as agriculture and animal husbandry form the basis of the Dikili economy, the wonderful beaches and hot springs contribute greatly to the district economy in terms of tourism. On the other hand, Dikili's natural beauties are not limited to the beaches and coastline extending along the Aegean Sea. The crater lakes and caves in the Merdivenli and Denizköy villages as well as the forested land around the Madra Stream contribute to the natural beauty of Dikili and these are among the places to visit in Dikili.

Kalem Island, which is a wonderful island, should also be visited. There is not much settlement on this island. The natural environment of the island is accompanied by snow-white beaches and turquoise sea. Atatürk Botanical Garden, Nebiler Waterfall which is also known as Lovers Waterfall and Çandarlı Castle are the other important places attracting attention of a great number of tourists.

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