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About Dendermonde

Dendermonde, which is located in the Flemish province of Belgium, is a small city accepted as the center of the region in many aspects. The city, which attracts many visitors with its historical Dendermonde City Hall, brings the magnificent history of the region into the present with its small towns located near the city.  

Dendermonde, which makes progress especially in the fields of health and education, attracts many young visitors who want to receive education in this city. It is estimated that some of the historical structures of the city dates back to the 2nd century. The castle, monastery and bell tower built in the region since the 10th century give clues about the rich history of the region.

The climate of the city is very changeable. In the spring and summer months, a more moderate weather is effective while snowfall can be observed in the winter months. If you visit the city in the summer months, you can have a more enjoyable holiday.

The Vleeshuismuseum is one of the most important places that you can visit in the city and you can see old weapons, objects and some items with archaeological value. The historical Dendermonde Palace of Justice is one of the buildings worth seeing in the city.

Before leaving the city, you should definitely taste the delicious dishes usually cooked with the vegetables such as potatoes and cabbage. Chocolate is also among the important tastes of the city. You can taste the delicious Belgian chocolates at the historical chocolate shops. You can also buy a few boxes of these chocolates as a gift for your loved ones. The area is also very rich in terms of the wine bars where you can enjoy the evening hours. You also have the chance to taste the different types of cheese and wines special to Belgium and the neighboring countries.

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