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Dahab is a small town that is located in the southeast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Dahab is situated in Aqaba Bay of Sinai and covers an area of about 1,130 square kilometers. It is the second most famous city of Sinai after Sharm El Sheikh. The word Dahab, which means gold, was named after the golden beaches that the town has. Dahab was a small fishing town before it became so popular in Egypt. In the late 1990s, Dahab became its current state when the Egyptian Government realized the importance of the town and started to build more resorts and hotels in Dahab. Dahab consists of 3 main regions; those are Mubarak, Al Zarnook and Al Asia. The town has quite different alternatives with its campsites, beaches, cafes and traditional-style houses.

Dahab’s location surrounded with mountains leads to a strong wind breeze. Thanks to its strong wind, the town is one of the most suitable areas for windsurfing. Furthermore, Dahab is advantageous in terms of scuba diving and snorkeling activities with its rich coral reefs and sea creatures. Thanks to these features, one of the most popular activities in Dahab is diving activities. The city is also famous for having the most affordable diving centers on the Sinai Peninsula. The most famous of the protected areas for diving in Dahab is the Blue Hole beach. This beach that has a hole located 100 meters deep in the sea is like a treasure for professional divers. Al Saalah and Lighthouse beaches in Dahab are among the most preferred beaches. Scuba diving activities are performed at Lighthouse beach.

There are many more interesting activities in Dahab. Riding a camel and riding the safari tour with Buggy vehicles in the desert are only a few of the famous tourist attractions. In Dahab, there are also therapy centers where people from all over the world come to treat their illnesses. The other interesting aspect of Dahab is the most touristic and commercial part of the town, which is El Masbat. This area starts from Al Fanar Street. Here you can find all kinds of authentic souvenirs of Egypt, hotels and diving centers. While you are in Dahab, you can also have the chance to explore nearby towns. The colorful canyon located near the town of Nuweiba may be a good choice to start with. This area is known as a labyrinth of rocks formed by approximately 800 meters of rocks. You can reach Dahab by bus departing from Cairo.

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