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Boğaz which is in the vicinity of Kyrenia, one of the significant touristic cities of the island, in the north of Cyprus, is rather known for its old Martyrs Cemetery. In the region, where the Mediterranean climate is dominant, the temperature is high from the spring months until the end of autumn. If you plan to visit this place especially in June, July or August, you should be ready for scorching heat.

During your visit to Boğaz, you can see Kyrenia Castle, Hilarion Monastery, Aga Cafer Pasha Mosque, Bellapais Monastery, which is in Beylerbeyi Village and has a location with a mesmerizing view, and Hz. Omer Mausoleum. These are among the main touristic places of Cyprus Island. You may feel speechless when you see especially Kyrenia Castle, which is believed to have been constructed by the Byzantines who lived in the region centuries ago. The castle, which had been constructed during the Byzantine Period, had various additions by the Venetians who occupied Cyprus Island. It was preserved during the Ottoman Period, now being among the artifacts that have reached today. 

You should definitely visit Boğaz Martyrs Cemetery that was built in commemoration of the soldiers who died during the Cyprus Peace Operation held in 1974. Weapons and tools belonging to the soldiers of the period are exhibited in the cemetery, where you can reach in approximately 15 minutes by renting a car from the center of Kyrenia.

Because the region is under the effect of the Mediterranean climate, its vegetation is comprised of maquis in general. Flowers that bloom during the spring and summer months enliven Boğaz as well as many other places of Cyprus Island. If you visit Boğaz during the winter months, you can inhale the enchanting smell of the citrus fruits such as sour oranges, tangerines and oranges.

In order to reach Boğaz, you can fly to Ercan Airport in the capital city Nicosia and then you can arrive in the region in a short time with a car you will rent or taxis and cars of private shuttle companies which are used very commonly in Cyprus Island. However, if you plan to rent a car for transportation within the island, you should keep in mind that vehicles are driven on the left side and the steering wheels are on the right side of the vehicle. If you do not have any previous experience, it may be difficult for you to drive a car with a steering wheel on the right side for the first time. If you prefer the seaway for going to Cyprus Island, you will have the chance to directly travel to Kyrenia by the ships leaving Taşucu Harbor.

In Kyrenia and other popular touristic cities of Cyprus, there are many hotels where you can stay throughout the year. The prices of the hotels in the island may vary according to the criteria such as the number of stars, proximity to the city center and the period of stay. Tourists fill up the hotels in the island especially during the summer months when the temperatures are high. If you want to accommodate in the facilities which are both close to the center and popular in Cyprus, you can be at ease by completing your room reservations at least a few weeks before your data of travel.  

When you come to Cyprus, you should definitely include tasting legendary delicacies in your to-do list. Halloumi cheese, which is served by frying in the morning, is the jewel in the crown. You should also try the peach kebab, another famous food, in one of the recommended places.

When you travel to Boğaz, and if you want to have a little enjoyable time, you can find what you look for specifically in the 5-star hotels at night in Cyprus. There are generally areas such as bars, night clubs and discos in the hotels, where famous singers appear on the stage.

In Cyprus, which has become a cultural mosaic since the past, Olive Festival, Silk Cocoon Festival and Kyrenia Culture Art Festival organized every year are some of the entertaining celebrations that will make you remember your days in Boğaz with a smile.

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