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Belp Airport was built in 1929 by a private airline company in Bern, Switzerland and was operated by the company until the Second World War broke out. Belp Airport was closed during the Second World War and was reopened with the management and support of the civil authority after the war. In 1950 reconstruction was started to eliminate the devastation the airport had during the war years. Today, Belp Airport is the administrative center of Switzerland's Federal Civil Aviation Agency and airplanes belonging to the Swiss Air Force are also authorised to use the airport. Approximately 200 thousand passengers use Belp Airport annually, which provides flights to all major European cities and holiday destinations.

Getting to the City Center from Regional - Bern Airport

In Bern, the capital and one of the largest cities of Switzerland, there are a lot of transportation options between the airport and the city center, and the city transport system is linked to the Bern national highway, European 4 (E4). The Swiss Travel System (STS) is a system that collects all of Switzerland's public transport routes and vehicles under one roof. There are also very different ticket options for this system.

The first two of the most preferred ticket options are Swiss Pass and Swiss Flexi Pass. These two tickets and others offer affordable options that are available throughout public transport, such as buses, trains, ferries, trams and trolleys. The other ticket, Bern Ticket, has been offering free transportation since 1 June 2014. For example; you want to go to Switzerland, stay as a tourist for 1 night and get a free transportation ticket. This ticket gives free access to Bern Airport from Marzilibahnli and Gurtenbahn railway stations, one of Bern's most popular destinations.

Another popular ticketing system is the service called Day cards; Bernmobil's day card service allows you to enjoy very affordable rates for all of the public transport between the airport and the city center in Bern, and is offered on daily pricing. The price of using the day card ticket for 1 day, updated at the beginning of 2016, is 12.40 Swiss Francs. If you have conditions such as being between 6 and 16, you have a discount flier: you pay 7.90 Swiss Francs. The BLS one day travel pass ticket is very convenient and you can take any means of public transportation during the day, many times as you need.

Bern city is also located among the BLS regions. The most current price of this ticket for second class is 58 Swiss Francs for adults; 29 Swiss Francs for the half-fare card. By downloading the application called LiberoTickets to your smartphone, you can get the most up-to-date information, making pre-booking and ticket purchases easy.

In many parts of the city, you can buy these tickets with your credit card or cash, from ticket vending machines. The Swiss Travel Pass provides passengers unlimited transport services in all Swiss cities and all public transport. It is valid for all public transportation vehicles such as ferry, bus, tram and trolleybus which is operated by Swiss Travel System. It is possible to get this ticket for 3, 4, 8 or 15 days according to your needs. In addition to transportation, you get free entry to 480 museums in Switzerland. The pricing for these tickets and others is split into two as first and second class.

2016 updated fees for second class of Swiss Travel Pass ticket are as follows: For adults (over 26 years) 3 days 210 Swiss Francs, 4 days 251 Swiss Francs, 8 days 363 Swiss Francs and 15 days 440 Swiss Francs. For young people (16-26 years) 3 days 179 Swiss Francs, 4 days 213 Swiss Francs, 8 days 309 Swiss Francs and 15 days 374 Swiss Francs. For children (Between 6 and 16 years) 105 Swiss Francs for 3 days, 125 Swiss Francs for 4 days, 181 Swiss Francs for 8 days and 220 Swiss Francs for 15 days.

There's only one condition to take advantage of this ticket: being a non-Swiss. You only need to have your passport with you when you buy this card. It is also possible to order it from the internet at the same time. Children from 6 to 15 years old can travel free of charge, but you need to buy a Family Card and have at least one parent with the 6-15 year old child.

On local buses, trams and trolleys, as well as in some local trains and ferryboats in Switzerland, you can use your Swiss Travel Pass ticket. The card named Swiss Coupon Pass covers both transport and entrance fees to places of interest in Switzerland. At the same time you get discounts from famous Swiss restaurants. The card is valid in 11 Swiss cities; Zermatt, Lucerne, Interlaken, Bern, St. Montz, Lausanne, Lugano, Zurich, St. Gallen, Basel and Geneva. Swiss Half-Fare Card is a service that allows you to use transportation means including trains, buses, ferries, cable cars, etc. for the half of the normal price. The Swiss Transfer ticket is valid for only one Swiss city: Bern.

Getting this card is much more profitable than the others if you will only use the means of transport within the city of Bern during your holiday. The up to date prices for the second class are 141 Swiss Francs for adults, and 70.50 Swiss Francs for children. The Swiss Transfer Ticket Combi is valid for 1 month and the price is 201 Swiss Francs for the second class, and 286 Swiss Francs for first class. It is possible that you will see Bernmobil in many parts of the city of Bern; Because Bernmobil is Bern's most basic and formal association in terms of public transportation and transport. Bernmobil is publishing maps that show the city's public transport in a clear and concise way all at once.

Even if there is only one means of transportation that changes its routes, it updates it immediately and makes it very convenient for tourists visiting the city. It is possible to encounter these maps on the internet. Or download the application named ÖV Bern to your smartphone to keep up to date with Bernmobil's publications. This vehicle, which resembles the cable car named Gurtenbahn, is one of the most popular and fastest means of transportation in Bern. You can experience with Gurtenbahn would offer you a fantastic view through the mountains; you can also provide transportation at the same time. For more information, you can call 031 313 56 56.

If you cannot find the English language option when you browse the map and similar roots in many places of the city, click on "Fahrplan" and then click on "Liniennetz"; you can find the links and maps of all the means of transportation on the map here. Located in the heart of both Europe and Switzerland, the transport in Bern is incredibly advanced. It is possible to reach city center from Bern Airport in 25-30 minutes by any public transport. Since most of the transportation vehicles have the same ticket system, you can buy a profitable ticket according to the number of days you will use it.


From Bern Airport you can reach the main train station in the city by bus or taxi, as well as by taking the suburban train from the airport. Another name for the trains that serve in Bern city transport is the S-Bahn trains. These two regions, numbered 100 and 101, cover almost the entire city of Bern. So, when you look at the city transportation means on the map, you should definitely find where these two areas are.

The S-Bahn trains link Bern Airport and the city center of Bern and other cities of Switzerland. The main train station called "Bern" is located in the very heart of Bern. Situated in the historic city center, there are also many facilities such as shopping center, bank and ATM machines at the station. You can go to the station which is open 7 days a week to buy tickets or get more information about train services. It is very practical to travel daily from this train station to the cities of Switzerland with direct trains.


It is very practical to get to Bern city center in 20 minutes by Airport Bus number 334 from Bern Airport. Every half an hour, the Airport Bus 334 provides a shuttle service from the airport to the Belp S-Bahn station. The S-Bahn station is also directly connected to the main train station in Bern.

Getting on the express train from the S-Bahn station and going to the main train station, which is very close to the city center of Bern, is easy and profitable. You can also rent Airport shuttle buses and drivers during your stay if you are traveling with a group.

Winter Bus Terminal - Jungfrau region buses leave from Bern Airport terminal and go to Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen (Wengen / Murren) and Grindelwold. Airport Bus 334 is a bus that runs only between Bern Airport and Bern city center. This bus departs from the airport and goes directly to the city center of Bern; it also has a stop at the S-Bahn train station. It is going to Belp Bahnhof, Belp station and Belp Gare from Bern Airport.

Bus number 160 goes to Bahnhofen Belp and Konolfingen from Bern Airport. The main stops are; Giessenbad, Aemmenmatt, Muristrasse Sud, Schützen, Belp Bahnhof, Rubigen, Münsingen, Konolfingen. You can get off at the Belp Bahnhof stop and take the S4 / S44 train to Thun.


There is a direct tram line from Bern Airport to the city center. It is much more practical to reach the city by tram if you have a lot of baggage. In total there are 5 main tram lines which are open to service actively in the city. At the same time, the fact that the Bern-Worb Dorf has a tram line connecting to the railway at one point makes it very convenient for transit transportation. The route of tram line 3 is Bern Bahnhof-Weissenbuihi. Another name for this route is the Radial route and there are 7 stops in total.

The route of tram line 6 which has 24 stops in total is Fischermatteli-Worb Dorf. The route of tram line 7 with 23 stops is Bümpliz-Ostringer. The route of the tram line 8, with 27 stops is Brünnen Westside Bahnhof-Saali.

The route of tram line 9, which is the last tram line and has 21 stops, is Wabern-Wankdorf Bahnhof. Trams and buses leave every 5 to 14 minutes.


If you do not have your suitcase or luggage, you can rent a bicycle for as long as you like from the airport terminal to get to the city center. Traveling by bicycle in Bern is preferred by many tourists and locals at the same time. Traveling by bicycle, which has become a lifestyle like Amsterdam, is both cheap and fun.

There are beautiful and well-maintained bicycle paths in the city. Since the 1990s, this type of transportation has become increasingly popular and has become symbolic in the city. The most popular bike route, the Route 8 (Aare Routte), starts from the Aare River and passes through Bern's important sites such as Oberwald, Meiringen, Interlarken, Spiez, Thun.


Airport Taxi Blaser is one of the most popular companies providing taxi service between airport and Bern city center. As a private taxi transport company, you can make use of this service by calling +41 (0) 97128888. When you land in Bern, you are likely to encounter many taxi drivers at the exit of the airport arrival terminal. Most of the taxi drivers waiting at the airport are affiliated with a certain company or airport. In the city you can see taxi drivers working with their personal vehicles.

Visitors have the freedom to choose a taxi and get service from it in Bern. You are likely to encounter many taxis in the vicinity of buses, trains and other stations, at the entrances and exits of famous hotels, at the entrance and exit of Bern airport, and especially in Bern city center, Biel, Thun and Burgdorf.

Car Rental

If you already have information about car rental companies in Bern International Airport and you have made your reservation, you can benefit from the rental service at a much more affordable price. It takes an average of 25-30 minutes to get from Bern Airport to the city center with your car.

Last Updated: 27 Jun 2017
Getting to Regional - Bern Airport from the City Center

You can use buses, trains, trolleybuses, bicycles and trams, as well as taxi and car rental services to reach Bern Airport from city center. It is very easy and affordable to go to Bern Airport which is only 10 minutes away. The city center of Bern is located very far above the river. The areas below the city are also very visitor-friendly, and the easiest way to get to here from the city center is cable car. All you need to do is go to the starting point of the cable car from the city center.


S-Bahn trains, called "commuter trains", are a kind of express trains that provide transportation services within the city of Bern. The S3 Lyss Biel train travels directly from the city to Bern Airport. As S-Bahn trains serve between Bern Airport and the city center, they are also linking Bern to other cities of Switzerland. They provide transportation to Belp station or Bern Airport from Biel / Bienne, Thun, Burgdorf, Firbourg. Traveling by train is a popular option for the locals for all the cities in Switzerland. It is both affordable and popular, making it easy to get around Bern and other cities.

Every day from the main train station in Bern there are regular train services to other cities in Switzerland and the rest of Europe. Every day from Bern main train station, there are 36 trains to Basel, 36 trains to Geneva, 27 trains to Locarno, 67 trains to Spiez and 40 trains to Zurich.


There are a large number of bus routes in Bern city compared to trolley buses and trams. There are many buses from the city center to Bern Airport. To find out what bus routes are passing from which parts of the city, you just have to look at the urban road maps hanged on each stop. There are public means of public transportation, especially buses, available at night. These usually go to Bieruhubeli, Matte, Marzili, Stufenbahn, Ittigen, Guisanplatz and Gutrebahn from the central districts of the city of Bern.

Prices for night buses are a bit more expensive than regular tickets. Another name for these night buses is Moonliner. These provide transport services between Bern and Biel / Bienne nights from 1 to 4 am on Friday and Saturdays. You can visit Moonliner's website ( for more detailed information, or download the application called MOONLINER.

There are many different buses that you can use to get to and from the airport: Airport Bus, Tangento and Winter Bus Jungfrau Regien are some of these. Tickets can be picked up either from the bus driver or from machines at the bus stop. Ticket vending machines are available within the buses. You can continue your journey by buying your ticket, with coin or credit card, in the bus. The Libero Traiff connection is made up of three basic zones and the single-seat fare costs CHF 6.40. The departure point of direct buses to Bern Airport is Belp station in general.


Trams are also a convenient means of transportation between the city center and Bern Airport. It is very easy and cheap to go to Matte from Münsterplatform center in a very short time with the tram called "Senkeltram" which means up and down. The fee for this transportation is only 1 Swiss Franc. The Bern trams, which are fairly clean and reliable, are also linked to buses, making the transit journey a bit easier. It is very easy to go from one point to another in Bern, which has a connected system of transportation.

The Swiss Travel Pass is also valid on trams. It is possible to take the Bern trams to the most important streets, squares, central districts, buses and train stations of the city. You can see the individual routes of the tram lines at the tram stops which are surrounding the city.


As you can get around the city by bicycle, you can also go to Bern Airport comfortably, if you do not have heavy items, by bicycle. It takes an average of 40-45 minutes to reach Bern Airport, which is only 20 kilometers away from the city center. If you have a branch at the airport of the bicycle company you rent, you can easily continue your journey by delivering the bicycle here.

Traveling by bicycle inside the city of Bern is incredibly popular because the state has different incentives to make locals and foreigners use bicycles. There are bicycle rental places at certain points of the city and bicycle rental is free for the first 4 hours from here. The name of the company, where you can rent regular bikes, kids' bikes, mountain bikes, E-bikes, scooters and skateboards, is Bern Rollt. All you need to do to rent these bikes free of charge for the first four hours is to leave 20 Swiss Francs as a deposit fee by showing your passport.

The first two hours for E-bikes are free. If you want to use one of the other bicycles for more than 4 hours, you need to pay 1 Swiss franc for every extra hour. If you deliver the bicycle within 4 hours, you can also withdraw your deposit. You are likely to see ads from different companies on each bike, because all of these companies support Bern Rollt for the free bicycle service. The most popular place for bike rentals is the Milchgassli bike stop and rental company just behind Bern main railway station. If the bike you rent is small in size or foldable, you can get on public transport with your bike.


Besides the tram, bus and train transportation options, it is very convenient to reach the airport from the center of Bern, which is quite modern, with taxi services. The taxi can be reached from any point of the city and you are likely to negotiate with the taxi driver to provide access to the airport at a very convenient fare. The taxis that are one of the main means of transportation to the airport in Bern are an economical option as long as you bargain about the fare.

The most well-known taxi companies are Baren Taxi that can be reached on +41 (0) 31 3711111 and Nova Taxi which can be reached on +41 (0) 31 3333313. Special taxis are also available for the disabled: +41 (0) 31 9903080. Velo-Taxi have a different appearance compared to regular taxi vehicles and they are displaying an authentic image. If you want to experience a different experience, you can also evaluate the Velo-Taxi transportation between the city center and the airport.

Car Rental

It is possible for you to reach Bern Airport in a shorter time than public transport using the A1 motorway from Zurich / Basel and Biel, A1 motorway from Murten / Neuenburg in the same way and A12 motorway via Kehrsatz from Freiburg / Vevey. Since there are no major problems in terms of traffic in Bern, many local and foreign tourists are providing their transportation with car rental services.

Discounts can also be applied for tourists using highways and motorways. By purchasing the card called Motorway Vignatte for only 40 Swiss Francs, you can get discounts on all motorways and other roads in Bern.

Airport Information

Bern International Airport is very close to the city center and is directly connected to many European cities / countries. Only 20 kilometers (10 minutes) from the city center of Bern, Bern Airport has a train to Zurich Airport every 30 minutes and the journey takes about 74 minutes on average. In order to get to Geneva from Bern Airport, you need to take a 100 minute train journey. The Geneva trains are departing every hour.

There are 5 different parking spaces in Bern Airport, P1, P2, P5, P21 and P31. It costs 2 Swiss Francs to park your car for 2 hours in the P1 area; 1 Swiss Franc for 1 hour for P2. 1 day fee for P5 is 10 Swiss Francs, for P21 is 10 Swiss Francs; 2 days fee is 20 Swiss Francs; 3 days fee is 26 Swiss Francs and 4 days fee is 32 Swiss Francs. And finally for P311 day fee is 12 Swiss Francs; 2 day fee is 24 Swiss Francs, 3 days fee is 31 Swiss Francs, and 4 days fee is 38 Swiss Francs.

Some of the facilities on the Bern airport terminal are tour operators, travel agencies, WI-FI service, Duty Free shop, smoking, rest, eating and drinking areas (restaurants, cafes and bars), health services, tourist information and information desks, currency exchange, bank and ATM machines.

Last Updated: 27 Jun 2017

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