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About Balchik

Balchik is a coastal town in Southern Dobruja region in the northeastern part of Bulgaria.  Balchik receives fresh air from the Black Sea. This cute fishing city spread on the white, chalk-like rocks is considered as a modest holiday destination. In Bulgaria, where the sea tourism is in the forefront, Balchik offers you a distinctive view with its nature, architecture and botanic gardens.

Queen Mary’s palace, namely Balchik Palace and its adjacent Balchik Botanical Garden are one of the most significant historic and touristic spots of Bulgaria. It has been conserved in an authentic way, and now serves as a museum. When you visit Balchik Botanical Garden, one of the biggest botanical gardens of the Europe with its set of gardens, you should definitely see a part of heaven called “Garden of God” by Queen Mary. Since Queen Mary was a collector with unique taste, the objects with various sizes in the museum can make your day.

In Balchik, the food and drink culture is quite advanced. You can join free wine tasting activities in Queen’s Winery House. In this place, there are also galleries in which flower and fruit wines, raki, brandy, and liqueurs produced by Bulgarian producers are displayed.

You can prefer visiting Balchik in summer to spend time in the beaches and have a good time outdoors. Also, if you would like to break the routine under the snow in winter, Balchik Botanical Garden is a good choice in January.

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