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Ashdod is a city between Tel Aviv and Gazze, on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. The port of Ashdod, which has been a door opening to the territories of Israel for many years, promises a hidden paradise at a distance of 40 minutes from Tel Aviv for many domestic and foreign tourists. Ashdod, which has a fascinating natural beauty with its yellow sand dunes, Lachish River in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the west, is a city founded 50 years ago but is still a growing young city. With its well-protected archaeological excavation sites, planned city structure and beaches in the south, it is one of the most beautifully designed cities of Israel. Ashdod, which is also mentioned in the holy scripture, is home to a Jewish, Persian, Georgian and Ethiopian population of different ethnicities. In addition, it has the third largest charedi (ultra-Orthodox) population in Israel after Jerusalem and Bnei Brak. If you are staying in Tel Aviv, you can reach Ashdod by using the trains and buses departing every hour and see this beautiful city for one day. If you determine Ashdod as the center of your travel, you can also reach other cities easily.

You can organize a tour to the regions which host archaeological remains from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age that may attract the attention of history enthusiasts. If you want to visit the museums in the city, you should give a chance to the Corinne Mamane Museum of Palestinian Culture which is the only museum dedicated to this subject in the world. Ashdod Art Museum located in Monart Center is an impressive structure with its twelve galleries and two exhibition halls. The museum, whose internal spaces were reorganized in 2003, is accessed through a glass pyramid bearing architectural traces from Louvre. In addition, you can attend different galleries, workshops and concert events at Monart Center. Amphi Ashdod, which is the biggest open-air theatre of Israel, has a capacity of more than 6400 guests. The theatre is home to Méditerranée, the international art festival of Ashdod, in the spring and summer months.

The Or Torah Tunisian Synagogue, which was built in the 1950s, is a special structure with a dome adorned with symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel and depictions of biblical and modern scenes of Jewish and Israeli history.

You can spend enjoyable time on the 8 km long coast and marina of Ashdod. You can also enjoy swimming in its wonderful sea. On the coast, you can enjoy various activities such as horse riding, tour with 4x4 or trip with the boats departing from the marina. Ashdod Nitzanim Desert Planet Park, Bet Guvrin Maresha National Park, British Park and Tel Lachish Park are among the places where you can spend relaxing time in the nature. Trekking and hiking are among the activities to do in these parks.

You can buy souvenirs for yourself or loved ones from the big souvenir shop located on the Rogozin street in the city center. You can also spend pleasant time in its local market. On Wednesday, there is a clothes and farmers market set up near Lido beach. Here, you can experience the local culture of the city.

Ashdod cuisine influenced by the French, Ethiopian and Russian cuisines is famous for its fish products. The Mediterranean Sea Festival organized in August, Beer Festival, and the Sukkot Festival, which is held between September 30 and October 4, are some of the events you can join for having an entertaining time.

The best time to visit Ashdod, which is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, can be any season of the year. Summers are hot, springs are calm and winters are a little rainy in Ashdod. With these conditions, it is a place that can be visited in any season. We should also remind that the city receives the most precipitation between November and March.

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