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About Rabah Bitat Airport

Yıllık 700 bin yolcunun kullandığı Rabah Bitat Havalimanı, Cezayir hava taşımacılığı açısından olduğu kadar Afrika hava trafiği için de büyük önem arz ediyor.

Getting to the City Center from Rabah Bitat Airport

You can arrive Annaba city centre from Rabah Bitat Airport either by taxi or shuttle buses. If you are thinking of renting a car during your trip, there are a few rent-a-car firms that you might choose in the airport .


You can easily see the taxis waiting for the passengers outside the airport. Taxis are both safe and comfortable here.

Renting A Car

There are desks of some rent-a-car firms in the airport. You can easily arrive Annaba city centre in a short time by driving through N44 highway with a car you rent. You can also rent a car with driver if it is affordable for you.

Shuttle Buses

You can easily get to Annaba city centre from Rabah Bitat Airport by using shuttle buses. Since the shuttle schedule is arranged in accordance with the landing hours of the flights and baggage claim, if you do not spend a lot of time in the airport, you can directly get on a shuttle bus without any waiting time.

Last Updated: 05 Jan 2017
Getting to Rabah Bitat Airport from the City Center

To travel to Rabah Bitat Airport from Annaba city center you can take a taxi. Shuttle buses also depart from the city center. If you have rented a car, it is possible to return the car at the airport.


You can find a taxi at any time of the day in the city center and you can travel without any fear.

Rental Car

In Annaba, you will be able to see many car rental companies. To travel to the airport in your rental car, you head south on the N44 motorway and follow the airport signs.

Shuttle Bus

You can easily reach Rabah Bitat Airport by shuttle buses departing from the city center of Annaba. Because the buses depart only according to the times of the flights, if your preferred plan of transportation is by bus, you should be careful not to miss the bus.

Airport Information

Rabah Bitat Airport is popularly known by different names such as Annaba Airport, Les Salines Airport and El Mellah Airport. The airport is located 9 km south of the city center. The airport has an international flight status and has a capacity of 700,000 passengers per year. In the airport you can find all basic amenities such as cash machines, exchange office, safety lockers, luggage packing, first aid and a pharmacy. There are also food and beverage areas and small shopping stores for waiting passengers.

Last Updated: 05 Jan 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flight prices to Rabah Bitat Airport?

When you search for flights to Rabah Bitat Airport, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can depart from. For the date you are looking for, you can see all the flights arriving at Rabah Bitat Airport together and you can choose the most suitable flight.

Which are the alternative airports to Rabah Bitat Airport?

You can use Tabarka - Ain Draham Intl. Airport as an alternative to Rabah Bitat Airport.

Which airlines fly to Rabah Bitat Airport?

Air Algerie fly to Rabah Bitat Airport.

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