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About Akaroa

Akaroa is a town on the Banks Peninsula in the region of Canterbury in South Island, New Zealand. The town, which is mainly a peninsula formed by two volcanic cones, is known for having two dominant craters comprising Lyttelton and Akaroa Harbors. Akaroa, one of the towns reflecting the French atmosphere of New Zealand mostly, is waiting to be explored with its historical buildings, harbor with an amazing view and cuisine. It is heavily visited by the tourists for its coastal area, beautiful bays, traces of French and British histories and numerous activities. Having a colonial architecture, galleries, developed handicrafts and cafes, the town can be visited within 1 day.

In Akaroa, many activities are organized around the breathtaking volcanic harbor. Among the first things to do in the town, you can visit the Colonial Museum, which is in the center of historical Okains Bay, spend time in Akaroa Adventure Center and visit the art galleries and the traditional lands of New Zealand. The Giant’s House, which is referred as the happiest garden in the town and where original artworks are exhibited, is one of the first places to visit. The Banks Peninsula, where Akaroa is located, has a lot of free walking tracks for visitors. Mountain climbing and hiking are among these walks.

Moreover, the coast of Pohatu, which hosts rocks, reefs and deep-sea caves, can be explored under the convenient sea conditions by those who wants an exciting Akaroa tour. You should not leave Akaroa, offering much more than being a coastal town, without swimming with dolphins and experiencing the wildlife in this town. Those who want to have permanent memories from Akaroa can visit the souvenir shops. Besides, the Akaroa Art Gallery hosts music activities and various art workshops throughout the year. You can reach Akaroa by bus from the city of Christchurch, which is not far from the town.

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