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Transportation to Copenhagen Airport from the City Center

Kastrup Airport

You can prefer to get to Kastrup Airport from the city center by taking the advantage of a number of public transportation options as well as your car. Buses, trains, and metro are among the means of transportation that you can prefer, and you can also benefit from the taxi and car rental options. The airport offers private parking areas if you want to get to the airport by your car.


You can get to Kastrup Airport from Copenhagen city center by taxi faster. The taxis that you can take from anywhere in the city can take you to the airport as soon as possible. In addition to paying cash, you can pay taxi fare by credit card and have the opportunity get to the airport fast and comfortably and catch your flight.


The train is one of the economical options that you can prefer to reach Kastrup Airport. You can easily get to Kastrup Airport by train that you can take from many stations in the city center. Trains that you can get on from many points in Denmark and Sweden can be a good option for you.


Metro, as the underground transportation option, can get to its destinations faster compared to other public transportation vehicles among rail systems. So, you can reach the airport easily without having to catch your flight by metro, which is both an economical and fast option for you.


Taking a bus is another transportation option you can choose. You can get on the buses, which is one of the economical transportation options, from many bus stops in the city. You can get to the airport at the most economical cost only by buying a bus ticket.

Rent a car

Car rental is one of the most comfortable options among transportation alternatives. You won't have any difficulty getting to the airport by renting a car with a driver or by enjoying the drive yourself. You can comfortably reach Kastrup Airport in a short time by renting a car from the offices of the car rental companies in the city center. Avis, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, Budget and Sixt are among the car rental companies that you can prefer.

Airport Information

Kastrup Airport, which is the main international airport in Denmark's capital city Copenhagen, is located 8 kilometers away from the city center. The airport, which serves both domestic and international flights in the civilian category, is also known as one of the oldest airports in Europe. Kastrup Airport, which hosts many passengers every year, provides a health care unit, eating and drinking places, shopping stores and a hotel which accommodation services. In addition to these, the services such as lost property office, phone charging center, and health center are also available.

In addition, American Express, Global Blue and Danske Bank branches and ATMs are provided at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 buildings of the airport for those who want to make money withdrawal and transfer transactions.

Kastrup Airport provides shopping service with 120 stores; Apair, Noa Noa, Ole Mahiesen, Pandora, Pilgrim, Saint Tropez, Ecco, Hermes, Wunderwear, Marimekko, Max Mara, Gant, Gucci, Sand, Kaufmann, Hamleys, Lego, Tiger, B&O Play, Tinderbox, Molo and Rolling Luggage are just some of these shopping stores where you can enjoy shopping.

Among the eating and drinking places at the airport are Aamanns, Caviar House&Prunier, FoodMarket, Gorm’s, Le Sommelier Bar&Bistro, Mash, O’learys, Axis Bar&Lounge, Baresso Coffee, Lagkagehuset, Starbucks, Murphy’s Irish Pub, 7-Eleven, Grab and Fly, and Mc Donald’s.

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel, which serves its guests at the airport, is the best business hotel in Denmark and offers accommodation for passengers before and after flights. The hotel has a restaurant, SPA, 29 meeting rooms and 450 rooms.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2017

Roskilde Airport

You have a couple of transportation options to Copenhagen's second largest airport serving internationally, Roskilde Airport. Taxi, train, bus, and car rentals are of these options. Also, you may choose to go to the airport via your own or a rented vehicle as there are parking lots within the airport.


Going to the Roskilde Airport is quite simple thanks to the taxis. Findable in most parts of the city, taxis will take you to the airport as fast as possible in accordance with the traffic situation. Offering the option of paying cash or credit, taxis provide you a comfortable trip to the airport.


You can easily get to the Roskilde Airport from the train station in the city center or by getting on the train with many stop options. Cheaper and more economic in comparison to the taxi, trains can be a good option for you.


Busses are of the other economic transportation options you have. By getting on from anywhere in the city, and known for being economical, you can get to the airport.

Renting a vehicle

Renting a car is another option you may choose. By renting a vehicle from the offices in the city center, you can get to the airport comfortably and fast. With the vehicle you rent, with or without a chauffeur, you can  easily get to the airport. 

Airport Information

In the second most important important airport Roskilde Airport there is only one terminal with both domestic and international flights.

Aside from the VIP and Business meeting rooms, the airport has a fitness salon along with a cafe/restaurant to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Last Updated: 02 Aug 2017

Transportation to Ankara City Center from Airport

You can get to Ankara’s central locations like Kızılay, AŞTİ, Gar, Sıhhiye and Ulus from the capital’s only airport Esenboğa Airport using Belko Air municipal buses, EGO buses, taxi, and personal vehicle.

You can also rent a car at Esenboğa Airport, which is located 28 km from the city center.

Belko Air

A service of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, these buses provide transportation between the airport and central locations in the city, like Kızılay, Sıhhiye, and Ulus. The 442/A and 442/K lines operate between 6 am and 12 am in both directions. These 45-passenger buses feature hostess services.

EGO Buses

The 442-3 bus line takes off at the terminal exits. While the line is infrequent it does provide transportation to AKM, Ankara Arena, Güvenpark, Ulus, and Sihhiye.


Within the city taking a taxi is generally affordable but since the airport is located 28 km from the city center, getting to the city by taxi is a more expensive alternative.

Rental Car

Located in the domestic terminal at the Esenboğa Airport are 11 car rental agencies, including Sixt, Avis, Budget, Central and Hertz. You can rent a car to get to the city center; there are car rental agencies located in the city center as well. The city is easy to navigate by car when its not rush hour.   

Airport Information

The Esenboğa Airport is frequently used by government staff and therefore features many amenities. Those awaiting their flight in the domestic terminal can get a quick bite to eat or some coffee at Caffe Nero, Ankar Café, Bus Gate, or Bufe Ic Hat. If you prefer local Anatolian flavors head to Tadinda Anadolu. Bomonti Brasserie is ideal for those interested in international cuisine. This terminal also has fast food restaurants like Burger King.

If you’re traveling internationally, the departures and arrival terminals have many cafes, kiosks, and bars. You can also enjoy some tax-free shopping at Duty Free after you go through passport control. Both terminals have souvenir shops and kiosks that sell general items.

Last Updated: 10 Jun 2019
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