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1,293 Km
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1 hour 30 min
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Transportation to Bodrum Airport from the City Center

Municipal Buses

You need to take the airport buses of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality to get to Milas Bodrum Airport both from Bodrum and Muğla city center. The buses depart from Muğla Bus Terminal in Menteşe, the city center, and from Bodrum Bus Terminal in the district center. The buses departing from Menteşe also pass through Yatağan and Milas districts.

Airport Shuttle Services

It is possible to get to Milas Bodrum Airport from Bodrum district center by taking the advantage of the shuttle services provided by three different airline companies.

The free shuttle services of Atlas Global, Pegasus and Onur Air companies depart from Bodrum Bus Terminal and service times are determined according to flight departure times. You can also get on the shuttle buses run by HAVAŞ from the Bus Terminal.


Taxis have fixed fares for transportation to the airport. The fares may vary seasonally and annually and it would be useful to find out about the current prices before you take a taxi.


If you drive through D330 road, the only motorway connecting Bodrum to the world, you will reach the airport. If you want to set off from Muğla city center, you can connect to D330 road through Yatağan and Milas districts and then get to Milas Bodrum Airport.

Airport Information

There is a small and cute café named Street Café where you can have a drink while waiting for your flight in the domestic flights terminal, which is going to have a new terminal building in the following years, though there are not many alternatives. At the airport, it is also possible to find the Burger King, which you will possibly come across in almost every airport.

You can enjoy most of your time at the Duty-Free store in the international flights terminal, which hosts between 3 and 5 million passengers per year, and you can find many souvenirs and food unique to Anatolian and Aegean cultures.

Last Updated: March 28, 2017

Transportation to Siirt City Center from Airport

Situated on the Southeast Anatolia Region of Turkey, Siirt has an airport which has been serving domestic flights since 1998. The airport is constantly renovated to achieve modern airport standards. It is possible to easily reach the city center from the airport, which is located on Pınarca Mevkii in the central east of Siirt city. There are also various alternatives to reach the airport from the city center.

It is possible to reach the city center from Siirt Airport, which is located in Pınarca District, by preferring various transportation options such as municipal buses, rental car and municipal shuttle services, as well as you can drive to the airport through the highway.


You can prefer the municipality buses for transportation to the city center from Siirt Airport. By taking a bus, the most economical alternative, you can comfortably reach the city center, which is about 14 kilometers from the airport.

Rent a car

As another alternative, you can comfortable reach the city center by renting a car at Siirt Airport, which offers car rental service in the terminal building. You can benefit from this service offered by Acarlar and Hayat companies at the airport.

Shuttle Service

The shuttle service provided by the municipality is another option you can prefer to get to the city center from Siirt Airport. You can easily reach the city center by taking the advantage of the shuttle services offered to you by the municipality.

Last Updated: February 22, 2018
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